“Animated Climate Postcards “ is a series of animated GIFs that depict animals currently under threat from climate change. GIF stands for Graphics
Interchange Format and is short animated pictures that can be used on the web in place of static images. With the rise of the internet and messaging apps, GIFs has become a popular method to share reactions and messages across the globe. The idea behind this project is to tap into the usage of GIFs to spread
awareness about an issue that affects all of us globally. Each postcard has a short animation of an animal that is most susceptible to changes in the
environment. At the end of the animation, there is a website which links to an organization dedicated to educating the public about the current state of
climate change as well as small things people can do to help out. Ideally, these GIFs would be sent through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or through
emails by going onto one of several GIF hosting platforms. I have uploaded the postcards in Giphy and Gyfcat with tags that relate to climate change so that
people can search them up and then share or send them to their friends.
I made a separate blog about the process behind this project from beginning to end. The link is: 

The project was my journey in the exploration in combining my interest for motion graphics and nature to create a compelling project. Over the course of the semester, I taught myself a lot about how to utilize After Effects and Illustrator and how to combine the two programs to efficiently create compositions.

The project was ultimately submitted for the 2019 IDM Showcase.

Project on display at the IDM Showcase 2019.

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