Final Iteration of the logo.

Pank is a graphic design and branding project about an imaginary restaurant which specializes in creating meals using pancakes as the main focus. I wanted to capture a more playful tone with this project so I opted to use the logo as a mascot by giving it facial features. 
Pank is a small mom-and-pop pancake restaurant which specializes in, well, pancake related dishes! 
Process (Drafts)
Early on in the process, I was trying to experiment and figure out what kind of vibe I wanted to go for. I experimented with hand-drawn typography to give it a more calligraphic look. While I received feedback from my classmates and professor, it was not communicating the vibe of the restaurant that I wanted. 
It was very grunge-like and it gives the feeling of unhealthy food to the customer. I then experimented with the mascot while retaining a hand-written font to give the brand a unique personality. I ultimately decided to use existing typefaces because it looked a lot more professional than a handwritten one. 
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